One of the greatest impacts in your child’s education is to volunteer. Helping and participating in a volunteer role shows our children that as busy as life can be, WE CARE.

Parents, grandparents, and all family members over age 18 are welcome to volunteer! Here’s how you can GET STARTED with one, or both, of the Volunteer Forms!!!

Complete an HES Volunteer Background Application
(Required every school year)
Review Volunteer Handbook and required training video below
Volunteers Please Log Your Hours!

It is important to report your volunteer hours! These are hours that you don’t have a name tag from the school office.

For the community

● Better quality education

● A more responsive school system

● Added pride and confidence in the educational system

● Well­educated students


For Volunteers

● Sharing knowledge and talents

● Providing active support for quality education

● Becoming more involved in the school and community

For students

● Enriches learning

● Opportunities for exploration

● Additional individualized and personalized attention

● Increased motivation and improved self­concept

● Positive role models


For schools

● Improved student achievement, attitude and behavior

● Community support

● Parental understanding and cooperation

● Positive community attitudes



Our HES PTA has been busy with supporting our students, staff and families by focusing on “building our community”. Join us in our mission to support Heritage Elementary! 

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