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4 Days to Go! What's a Restaurant Pull anyway?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

The Fall Festival Restaurant Pull is a festival favorite by many parents and community members. For a mere $20, you are given the opportunity to blindly "pull" a restaurant gift card with a guaranteed value of $25 or more.

What?! I pay $20 and get a gift card for $25? Sweet!

AND... to add a little suspense & excitement to the Restaurant Pull, almost half of the gift cards are valued at over $30 with a few valued at $100.

Nice! For $20, I could pull a $50, $75, or even $100 gift card. That is a nice dinner out!

Regardless if you pull a $25 or $100 gift card, you WIN! And when you WIN, Heritage Elementary WINS! The gift cards are 100% donated by local restaurants who not only value your business, but value the importance of education, our schools, and our children.

Last year, our Restaurant Pull had 100 "pulls". We are increasing the "pulls" this year to 150! We know this is an ambitious goal! But with the help of our parents soliciting restaurants and with the generosity of our local businesses, we are confident we will hit our goal and raise $3,000 for HES!

Amazing how $20 here and $20 there can raise $3,000 for our school!

Fall Festival Fact: 40% of the 150 pulls are worth more than $25!!!

Interested in asking a restaurant for a gift card? Check out the donation form.

For a list of restaurants that have already donated, visit the Restaurant Pull page.

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